How utterly spectacular is healthy community? When people are in community health and well being overflows. Love abounds. The heart finds a place to belong and purpose and meaning invades the fibre of the soul.

I love watching community in action. I love watching 18 – 24 year olds give up their Friday nights to simply do community with kids younger then them. This is the beauty of love in action. It is sacrifice, it is kindness, compassion, it is love. You can’t buy that kind of love. I love watching as one generation shares life with the next.

I love watching how over time belonging, hope, love, friendship, purpose, meaning, security, protection, health. occur in the heart of youth. We underestimate the power of simply living in community with each other and the power this has to bring health and vitality to our being.

Youth matter. We can be alarmed by the increasing mental health issues within our youth or we can look and create positive homes of the heart to position our children in. We are naturally created for love, for belonging and for purpose. We are naturally created for health. Positioned in community our youth can experience health.

Our youth have more potential then a life of taking anti depressant pills.
Our youth have more potential then a life of taking anti depressant pills.

On the outside many of the youth that come on a Friday night are incredibly courageous. They are fighting inner battles of confidence, of rejection, of fear, of frustration with life. They are fighting to believe that they are loved, that they belong and that they are endowed with an amazing future that has hope in it. It takes courage and strength to turn up and give community a go when you’re battling real issues of the heart and mind. I love the courageous parents who every Friday night take a risk that community will build, encourage, inspire and create something wonderful within the heart of their adolescent.

How can your heart get connected with the youth of this city?

1. You never dine alone when you dine at the Tailrace Centre. Every time you dine you create space with your $$ for youth to discover the power of community. You empower and resource programmes that help our youth.

2. By positioning the youth in your life in community.

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Fridays @6pm. For more detail contact us on 03 63274538 or [email protected]