Every Friday night from 6pm – 8pm Kids Paradise hosts a youth group for local kids from Grades 6 – Grades 10.

The kids hang, have themed events, some weeks they enjoy food, they play games but most of all they hang and chat about life.

This may offend some, but they also talk about some of the sayings from one of the most influential leaders in history Jesus Christ.  No other leader has the time line marked after him.  No other leader has challenged thought and life quite this leader did.  So in a world where teens are exposed to all kinds of leaders, on a Friday night we do expose those youth that want to maybe think outside of the box and have their thinking challenged to think about this influential leader in history.

I know in this political climate as parents many of you would go I don’t want my kids to have religion.  That’s the right of any individual to make that call.  But really is being exposed to the thoughts and beliefs of Jesus Christ more dangerous than some of the thoughts, behaviours and ideologies that they are already exposed to in the world in which we live.

Here are some of the benefits parents tell us about youth group:

  1.  We know our kids are in a safe zone that is alcohol free.
  2.  We can choose the mentoring that our kids receive.In Steve Biddulph’s book Raising boys, He speaks of the common challenges that teens face as they transition to the adult world. This is the time when a teen’s loyalty and aspiration most often switches from their parents to others.We liked his idea of having other mentors acting as bridges to help in this transition. Steve suggests that as parents we need to choose who does this mentoring.  This is where youth leaders can be amazing.  They are closer to your childs age than you are and can relate and have conversations that you can’t. 
  3. We can expose our children to some friendships other than the ones they have at their school.  This can be very beneficial for kids having a tough time at school.  We have seen many kids struggle at school but then come to youth group, find some friends and begin to find their identity again.
  4. We know our kids are going to have fun.

If you want more information then please head to our Tailrace Youth webpage