Working with Young People is the Best!

Working with young people is the best!

On Friday Night at Youth group I asked some of our young people, “When was the last time someone spoke positivity into your life?”

“What do you mean?”

“When was the last time an adult saw your potential and called it out?”


“When was the last time an adult told you they believed you were a good person?”


The answer was, “Hardly ever!  Adults just think we are always looking to be bad!”


In their response I heard a challenge.  A challenge to see young people for who they really are!


I want Tailrace to accept their challenge to be a voice who sees and affirms their good, and their potential.


So here goes…


I want to shout this out loud and clear!


On Saturday night we hosted the Villages of Life Ball and we had a very young front of house team…

Taliah grew up in our youth group.  As long as I can remember she has this ability to belly laugh.  Something happens and she can enter into the joy of the moment in nano seconds.  She’s now 18 and has been in a leadership role at our youth group on a Friday night for a few years and she’s simply amazing.  On Saturday night we hosted the Villages of Life Ball and I watched her lead a team until the early hours of Sunday morning.   Directing, orchestrating, problem solving. She was sensitive and caring to our team and to our 200 guests.  She trained, she equipped, she delegated and she loved with a big heart.


Hope is another girl who grew up in our youth group.  She’s tiny,  but a pocket rocket.  Not sure if that is still a common phrase or if I’m showing my age.  But I loved watching her pace, her direction, her enthusiasm.  The way she asked our Team Manager for the Event questions about how to do things.  She wanted to bring her best game and she nailed it.


Ella is in Grade 9, has been coming to our youth group for about a year and did her first shift on Saturday.  A bit daunting to turn up and have to serve 200 people.  I loved how she asked questions, how she teamed, how she gave her best and how she showed up with confidence.  Love this generations self belief.


Adilat is a girl with incredible resilience.  A few weeks ago she experienced racism from a client who our staff asked to leave due to the racist comments they made.  Undaunted here she is working hard, capable doing front of house with such calm and ease.  Love watching her work.


Louise I just love.  She has the most gorgeous smile and when she looks at you,  you know she is interested in what you have to say.  I love her confidence, her can do attitude, her capability.  She is always watching and observing to see where the gaps are and how she can be of help.

Working with Young People is the Best!

Love training, equipping and being taken by surprise.