“What might have been”

I don’t know about you but the past few weeks have been heavy with a lot of “What might have been” moments.  You never forget that moment when life changes.

I’ve sat with parents who have lost children and who now won’t have those memories that I am still privileged to think I might one day have.  You know that moment when your son or daughter falls in love, gets engaged, gets married, has their first grandchild or learns to drive or gets their first job.  Those sweet life moments of celebration and joy.


Christmas in July Date Night


For these new and old friends those moments of what might have been are gone forever.

They are not the only people I have sat with.  I’ve sat with people who are feeling overwhelmed by the ugly of social media, the news and who are left feeling heavy with “what might life have been like?”  Is there any escape from the hard and the heavy, the dark and the painful.



shutterstock_184278932Somedays it seems easier to believe that this is all there is – moments of grief, of heartache, of disappointment, of hard on the calendar.  “Might have been moments.”

And as I sit and listen to their stories I hear my own voice responding and urging them to believe this is not the sum of life.  There are other moments waiting to come into being, to come alive. Different – but definitely moments!  Life is golden. It is beautiful.




What might have been
But its the normal, everyday, the seemingly mundane that is life.  It seems to be where the golden moments are.

The sitting at the dinner table with family and friends.  Laughing and chatting, eating and drinking.

The early morning walk with a friend in the dark that brings light to your soul and heart.

The aroma of coffee.

The rustle of a bird trying to get into your house.

Little toes, hands and feet pressed into one’s body late at night wanting closeness, wanting belonging and love.

what might have been

what might have been

what might have beenMoments taken for granted as hurry urges us through the passage of time.  We can almost miss the  beauty of life.

Tomorrow is July and for me this year I’m choosing to use it a bit like a footy siren.  It signals a time out, a refresh, a mid year pause.

A time to re create.  A time to remember.  A time to create new memories.  A time to draw close to those I love and care for.  A time to open up my heart to new friendships and relationships.  A time to make sure that I remember to tell people I care about how I feel.  A time to watch the early morning bird or to watch a leaf fall from the tree.

It reminds me that even in the midst of those what might have been moments there are new moments of life, of love, of heart connections already being created.

At Tailrace we have put a lot of work into creating that footy siren, that pause, that saver moment for July.

Our signature event for July that we want to invite you to is our Christmas In July Long Table Feast.


what might have been

what might have been

Christmas in July Long Family Table

This dinner event is about celebrating the little things of life.  The holding of hands whilst thanks is said; the passing of plates rich with food; the turning to one another and seeing one another’s heart and life; the laughter and joy of the sound of children, the joy of creating an extra space at the table for the one.  There is a recommended price but if you can’t afford it then you are simply invited to make a donation or to just come.

If you can’t come to that there is a collection of ways in which you can enjoy the simple of life:

Coffee with a friend in the cafe

Play ground memories

School Holiday memories

Birthday memories

Christmas in July Date Night.

Whether you create a memory at Tailrace or elsewhere our prayer is that you will savor the every day, the seemingly mundane because in them is life.











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