What do we do when someone get’s Gastro?

As a kids centre you will probably want to know what do we do when someone reports Gastro?

I hate gastro.  It is one of the things I hate most in life.  It is so violent.  My heart goes out to anyone who gets it.

So what do we do when someone rings and says, “I was having a play in Kids Paradise and I got gastro.”

Here’s our steps:

Step 1:  I let our Health officer at the Council know.

Step 2:  I contact a local GP and ask if they know if there has been an outbreak of a gastric bug.

Step 3:  We sanitise everything twice. This is a huge undertaking and it takes hours.  9000+ balls  go through the disinfectant machine, the dress ups get washed and sanitised, the railings , floors and walls are sanitised, the play ground – slides, surfaces are all sanitised, toys are sanitised. All of this happens twice.  Floors are vacuumed and sprayed.

Step 4:  Every two hours after the major sanitisation the centre is sprayed.  This is because new people coming in to the centre may be carriers and not know.

Step 5:  We try to  find out if those who had the virus were an isolated group or if they were everyone.  We want to narrow down the source.  Was it food? Was it a carrier? Was it a break in the hygiene processes and standards?

Step 6:  We ensure that the cleaners have all done their processes both in the lead up to the incident and the follow up of the incident.

Step 7:  We let the general public know that we don’t want people to come into the centre until they have been clear of the virus for 48 hours. We also let the public know this way that the centre has been contaminated and sterilised.

Step 8:   We provide sanitisation gel to customers coming in.

Step 9:  We record everything.

Step 10:  We pray.

Often these steps are carried out almost simultaneously. We try to do everything we can to ensure that the safety and well being of our guests.