We’ve given 1332 meals to youth this year!

We’ve given 1332 meals to youth this year!

It’s been awesome watching young people connect at the table.  Laughing, giggling, hands passing food, eyes meeting one another realising they all have more in common than their difference.

In a world where youth suicide is endemic and anxiety high being able to provide spaces for connection is of vital importance.

The cost of providing the 1332 meals to youth this year was $9,084 and wouldn’t be possible without your support.  Without you supporting Kids Paradise, Tailrace Cafe and Tailrace Function Centre, Tailrace Community Church would not have the ability to provide this amazing space for connection.

Together we have bought hope, belonging, conversation and meaning to our Next Generation.

Thank you.  Our heart is full..

Youth Group is on every Friday during school term from 6-8pm. It is a great place for youth to build friendships and learn valuable life skills. Our mission is to show the youth of Launceston that they are loved and they have a purpose.

You can find more information about our Youth Group on our Facebook Page.

If you would like to make a difference and help create spaces for young people to connect you can make a donation here.


Tailrace Youth Group

Tailrace youth Group

Tailrace youth Group

Tailrace Youth group

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People Matter. This one value drives us at the Tailrace Centre. Every day we have the privilege of loving people. It is such a wonderful job and place to work because every day our main goal is to convey to people that they matter. No matter how small, how big, what shape, what style your event might be we want you to know that you matter. To help achieve this we have spend a lot of time planning, preparing, training our service staff and kitchen to deliver goods and services that will convey this basic value.

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