Our Wedding Emergency Kit is a highly treasured kit. So what is in Our Wedding Emergency Kit?

First off we have our sewing kit.

wedding emergency kit
Sewing Kit

I can’t begin to count how many brides dresses we have had to re sow together on the night. Joyful husbands don’t have a lot of experience around wedding dresses and sometimes their feet and the train collect and out comes the sewing kit. However, its not just brides we have to stitch up at times. There have been a few grooms trousers that we have had to restitch. Even grooms and their best men can prove to be vain refusing the next size trousers up only to find that when pressure is put on the seams they split leaving guests rolling with laughter. So our sewing kit has been known to rescue quite a few embarrassing moments.

Second is our body tape

Wedding emergency kit
We have body tape and double sided tape.

As girls we love those strapless dress. However, we don’t want a bridesmaid or a brides nip and slip disaster either at the reception or the ceremony and so we always carry body tape and double sided tape.

Third we supply hand cream

wedding emergency kit
We provide hand cream prior to the ceremony to help the rings go on easily

We might not like to admit it but sometimes our fingers swell at weddings. Whether it be stress or heat induced, the swelling of our fingers can make it quite hard getting those rings on. So we have hand cream on hand to help with the swelling. Pop a little bit on before walking down the aisle and voila…

4. Emergency toiletries

Wedding emergency kit
Emergency toiletries

Our emergency toiletries are used all the time at weddings. Whether it be tissues, panadol or women toiletries rest assured we have back ups. We don’t want

any guest caught unawares. It is a big day with lots of emotion and headaches are common.

5. Sunscreens

wedding emergency kit

I don’t know about you but I find

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it hard to remember to pack the sunscreen at the best of times. So we have on hand sunscreen. The last thing we want is for you the bride turning up at the reception looking like the beetroot or tomato.

Please let us know if you can think of something that we need for our emergency kit that we have left off .