We Hear You

Thank you so much for your amazing response to our request for feedback regarding Cafe Drinks.  The volume of responses exceeded our expectations.

As you can see 92.3% of you indicated that you wanted  water.

Only 5.05% indicated that you wanted us to stock the branded soft drinks.

We hear youIn addition to this feedback, so many of you gave us fantastic ideas and creativity which we will look at implementing.

Some of the themed requests were for the following:

  • Smoothies
  • Sparkling water
  • Healthy Milkshakes with honey and fruit, and cacao powder
  • Plain Milk

In response to the question:  Are you concerned about the growing obesity levels in Australia?

98% of you responded that you are very concerned.We hear you









63.2% of indicated you were concerned that your children might not have the life span that you may enjoy due to diet and health related issues.

We hear youWe heard you when 65% of you indicated that it is really hard to encourage healthy choices when we stock our fridges with drinks high in sugar.  We want to help you help your kids make great decisions.

We hear youI was so encouraged by the strength of feeling that you have for this issue and this lends us courage to make some changes.  You inspire me! We love kids but I must admit I have come away feeling that I haven’t loved you well in this area.  So please mums and dads accept my apologies.

99.8%  indicated your ongoing support regardless.  This support has encouraged me to want to give back.

Any change will involve time.  This is because we have to negotiate with suppliers, train staff and to implement some changes will require some structural changes.  Until we have negotiated the changes I don’t want to make a verbal commitment I can’t keep.

At this stage what I want you to hear is:  “We hear you” and “We thank you for your input and there will be some changes.”