Using the 5 Love Languages to create Memories at your Wedding.

We show you how to immerse your love language into your wedding day.

Words of Affirmation

If words of affirmation are your love language then consider asking your guests to write you notes of well wishes, or wisdom for a great marriage.

Write your husband a card that you give him when you and he are alone.

Give particular thought to the vows that you make if either of you has words of affirmation as your love language. They will have meaning.

Write your bridesmaids a letter expressing how you feel about their involvement in your life and thank them for who they are.

Write your guests a note and place it where they will be sitting.

Use your words in speeches to truly convey your heart and soul.

Keep a diary for your mum or your maid of honour throughout the engagement season, keeping note of thoughts and memories that express your love and care for them.

Love languages
If your love language is words of affirmation then make sure you think about your vows

Quality Time

If Quality Time is your love language then make sure you have a 3 course sit down meal. This way you can savour your wedding day and the time with your guests.

Style the event for intimacy as opposed to big grand statements. Understated elegance can create the atmosphere for couples to have time.

Spend the evening before you get married with your family and or bridal party, relaxing and savouring the moment.

On the day of your wedding have a special brunch with your bridesmaids and mum.

Take time out with your spouse after the ceremony and have a few moments just to sit and savour the moment.

Carefully choose a Father – Daughter song that conveys your heart and provides time with you and your dad.

Plan a honeymoon and make sure it is only you and your partner.



Receiving Gifts

If you’re love language is gifts then maybe consider giving your guests the opportunity to give you gifts.

Savor the moment by carefully choosing gifts for your bridal party.

Carefully choose your wedding rings. They are a gift for the day. They symbolise your love for each other.

Carefully choose a gift for those closest to you and put it at their table setting as a surprise at the wedding.

Give your guests a gift made from your heart: toffee apples,macarons, jams, and chutney’s.


Acts of Service

If Acts of service is your love language then please don’t do an at home reception or a marquee reception. You will end up slaving away for your guests and not experience the joy and wonder of someone loving you by serving you on your day. The temptation for a bride with acts of service is to serve the guests and to want to create a wow experience for the guests. You can do this and be served yourself.

Choose bridesmaids who will look after you. That is they will organize the bridal shower and the hens night. They will see when you need help with your dress or when you need a drink or something to eat. They will help you touch up your make up. In other words they are there for you. If your love language is acts of service don’t choose a starlet who is useless at thinking about anyone but her self. You won’t feel loved on your big day.

Choose a venue that has a real acts of service ethos. That is they will go above and beyond to try and accommodate your dream wedding. They will clean up and store things for you. They will have an attitude of wanting to serve.

Love Language
If your love language is acts of service then don’t self cater.


Most people think that the wedding day is all about touch but its surprising how much of a back burner it can be.

If your love language is touch then you need to intentionally plan for moments of touch and intimacy. The day goes by so fast and so much of it is spent away from your partner. You need to plan for intimacy and touch.

The greatest advice we can give is to SLOW the day down.

Make the most of walking up the aisle with your dad or whoever is giving you away. Hold them tight, close to your heart. Savor their presence in your life. Give them a genuine hug at the end of the aisle.

Grab your partner’s hands and hold them tight.

Genuinely kiss your husband or bride at the end of the ceremony.

Hug your parents and thank them for all they have done for you. Give honour through touch.

Hug friends.

Make time to be alone during the photo shoot simply to spend some time romancing one another on your day.

Dance closely.

Hold hands during the reception wherever possible.

Look into each other’s eyes and shut everyone out as best you can.

Determine what time you want to leave to enjoy the evening romancing one another. You will never get this night back, don’t drink it away, love it away. Romance one another deeply.

Love Languages
Factor in some romance on your big day.

The day is all about love. Try and figure out what your love language is and the love language of your partner and embed it into the day. Give love space to flourish.

Love languages
Let love flourish on your wedding day with an understanding of your love language.

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