To our customers,

At the Tailrace Centre, we strive to make you feel that you matter.  We want you to have an experience that expresses quality with heart.  We are aware that last year on numerous occasions we fell short on this commitment.  We are extremely sorry for the frustration and disappointment this caused some of you.  We have been doing everything we possibly can to ensure that our value:  People Matter is not compromised.

To improve our services our staff underwent an intensive training programme that was specifically written to skill and equip them to make sure that you have an experience that communicates that you matter.

We also listened to your feedback in regards to the food and welcome a new kitchen team under the leadership of Tina Goninon.  Tina has an extensive background in management and combines this with a love of cooking.  Being a Coeliac we value her contribution in assisting us to become even more sensitive and progressive towards the needs of people with dietary needs.  One of the first changes that Tina implemented was to ensure that we became a member of the Coeliac Association of Tasmania and Victoria.

We also welcome to the kitchen team Hayden Hingston, Dee Potter and Denise Hyrcyszyn.  We are convinced that this team will help Keira Self (Our Nourish Chef ) and Tina Goninon fulfil our commitment to you.  Each chef comes with a passion and experience for providing  guests with a great healthy experience.  They each are committed to learning and growing.  We appreciate the feedback that you gave us last year and the growth that has occurred as a result.  We also appreciate the ongoing support and coaching Will Wilson will be providing to this team throughout this year.

We have also welcomed to the team Sophie Skipper and Georgia Derrick in the office to assist with customer service and the planning of your events.  Both girls joined the team on a full time basis in December 2014.  David Barker and myself are enjoying the addition to the team and the shared workload.

We also welcome the return of some old time favourite front of house staff with Sarah and Kate Jesson returning to the team.  Some of our team have also grown up and moved into new positions of responsibility and we are loving their contribution to helping us implement our commitment to you.

Everything we do at Tailrace Centre is aimed at giving you an experience that communicates “You Matter.”  We know that you expect from us quality service with heart  and we will keep working non-stop until Tailrace lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

Sharon O’Neill

Tailrace Centre Manager.