Personal Musings on Micro Weddings and Elopements

And the truth behind them.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about micro weddings and elopements and their impact on the wedding industry. In the last year, since Covid hit, there has been an increase in micro weddings and elopements. As Tailrace is primarily a wedding venue, and a larger one at that, my personal experience with the micro-wedding industry has been as an observer.

My instagram feed has been filled with stunning elopements in wild places.

I’ve watched as whole teams of wedding stylists, florists and photographers have come together to create a beautiful and intimate experience for the wedding couple.

I’ve seen so many photo’s of stunning ceremonies with the most insanely beautiful wedding arbours in gorgeous, secluded locations. And sometimes I get a bit envious.

But I think it’s important to acknowledge that this beauty has a trade off. These couples have had to sacrifice other things to make this possible and I don’t think Instagram and magazines always show this.

Some of the most featured weddings that are shown on Instagram are either elopements / micro weddings or wedding styled shoots and they all have one thing in common.

They are all done on a small scale, and I feel this is something that needs to be acknowledged.

It’s quite achievable to create a jaw dropping table setting when you only have to set the table for a few people. It’s easy to spend money on a crazy beautiful arbour when you don’t also have to pay for seats for 100 people to watch you get married. You can have a wedding in a secluded, wild place when you don’t have to think about how nan is going to make the 2km hike to get there.

Micro weddings and elopements, just like every other wedding, have their own tradeoffs. You may be able to go big on the details, but you will miss out on sharing your joy with your friends and family. Of connecting to a wider community of people who love and support you and your marriage.

There is something so beautiful and powerful about doing life in community and letting them be there for your big moments. Of letting them witness your vows to one another and giving them the space to share their own hopes, dreams and support for your marriage.

I can’t imagine not sharing my wedding day with my family, friends and community. Yes, having a wedding for 80 people meant I couldn’t go as big on some of the styling as I would have liked and some of my choices felt limited by my numbers, but I felt so loved and supported. So encouraged and incredibly blessed.

Every wedding has tradeoffs.

And when it’s all over, your wedding day will only live in photographs and in memories.

You get to choose what type of photographs and memories you’ll create and who will also carry those memories with you.


Written by Rachael O’Neill 

Photo’s by Clint & Bethanie Creative 

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