Sweet, Simple and Full of Meaning is how we would describe James and Stacey’s wedding.

James and Stacey kept their styling simple, sweet and their ceremony was full of meaning.  The sweet simple adoration James has for Stacey touched all of our hearts.  Writing his own vows and then reading them to Stacey James made it abundantly clear to everyone that Stacey was his princess and that he cherished and adored her.

Stacey’s solid commitment and love to James was beautiful to watch.  Calm, confident, assured, gentle, patient and incredibly kind to not only James but to all who came into contact with her.  Our staff on the evening commented on how kind and grateful she was to each of them.  With ingredients like these in a relationship the autumn, winter, summer and spring seasons of life will be endured and more importantly enjoyed.

We loved the old cars, the shepherd hooks and the rose petals lining the red carpet.  But as much as we loved the sweet and simple designing it was the meaning in the actual ceremony that touched our heart.


Stacey and James kept their styling sweet, simple and yet full of meaning.  Stacey popped her heart and soul into floral arrangements designing them herself.  A beautiful florist the flowers were simply stunning.

We loved the tags that Stacey made.  As a keepsake Stacey provided name tabs, a camera and an opportunity for guests to take their photo and attach it to their name tag.  A great idea for remembering who was at your wedding.

We wish you all the best Stacey and James.  May your relationship be truly blessed.

James and Stacey’s Menu


Oven roasted scallops with garlic, parsley, lemon and olive oil

Pesto cream cheese stuffed mushroom caps with napoli sauce, roquette, and parmesan salad and champagne vinaigrette


Rosemary and garlic marinated chicken breast with new potatoes, grilled asparagus and red pepper essence

Prime fillet of beef, crispy pastry sheet, mushrooms, spinach and mustard with Paris mash and French beans.


Wedding cake served with raspberry coulis and slow whipped cream

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