We are just 14 days away from another 7 weeks of Caring for our Soul.

Holy Kale! Where has the year gone?

Let me tell you how this is gonna work…

  • Week  1 –  October 13th:   Health Chef Tashy Werner will be sharing her heart for Raw Food.  We are going to taste some of those tasty raw morsels.  Mouth is salivating now.
  • Week 2  – October 20th:  Workshop on How to be a Safe Person
  • Week 3  – October 27th:  The Invisible Parts of us with Guest Speaker Margret Cullen
  • Week 4 –  November 3rd:  Workshop on Vampires –  what do they look like and do I find them attractive?
  • Week 5  – November 10th :  Workshop on Where Can I find safe people?
  • Week 6 –  November 17th: Workshop on How do I listen to my Soul?
  • Week 7  – November 24th:  Workshop on How Gratitude nurtures our Soul.

Soul Care is a gateway to a healthier life.  We’re warning you!

You will discover your soul gets fuelled. You will find women who will bring wisdom, comfort, encouragement, strength, and passion to your life.  You will discover connectivity and rooted and grounded LOVE.  You will discover you have a team of cheer leaders who help you stay motivated and inspired about your wellness and wholeness journey.

Nutrition for Life

The next term is going to be a soul filled adventure for you.  We can’t wait to get started!

Child Care is provided in Kids Paradise

Time:  9:30 – 11:30

Location: Tailrace Centre