So, He popped the question!

You have been dating your favourite person in the whole wide world and he’s finally asked the question… And You said Yes.

You are so ready to commit to forever with one another.

It’s pretty heady to think you’re going to experience life with the one person on this planet who you just can’t get enough of.

You are so excited.   Hopping out of the car to show your mum the bling, jumping up and down, bursting at the seams with excitement, you can’t wait to share your fiancé with everyone.

You simply want to talk about your hopes for your marriage and what you want for your wedding.

Before long you begin to notice everyone asks the same old questions:

“When is the big day?”

“What does your dress look like?”

“Who are your bridesmaids?”

“Where are you planning on getting married?”

“What are the colors?”

Whilst you like talking about these things I bet there are times when you desire more.

A desire to sit and talk all dreamy about the one you’re marrying.

For people to listen to your heart, your true love, your soul.

I think sometimes we long for real conversations and tips from brides who have gone before us.

Not just about tones and the silhouette of a dress.

But the real stuff.

It can be hard to say what you would really like so we’ve come up with our top Engagement Questions.

Our Top Engagement Questions

  • What are you looking forward to most about being married?
  • What is that makes your face light up with love when you think about your partner?
  • What scares you the most about being married?
  • How did you both meet?
  • Getting married is a really good thing, what extra goodness do you see coming your way when you get married?
  • How are you getting on with your new family?
  • Have you ever thought of having a marriage mentor? Someone in your life to chat to about your marriage?
  • What goals and dreams do you and your fiancé have for your marriage?
  • How can I help?
  • What are you looking forward to most about your wedding?


What questions do you wish someone would ask you?

Why not share so others can know they can ask questions beyond the color scheme and silhouette of a bride’s dress.

It’s okay to want to talk about the things on your heart.

A bride is more then her wedding dress, a marriage is more then a wedding day.

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