I love smiling at the future.

To smile at the future is to smile at a new employee and to see endless possibility. It is to take them by the hand and the heart and to begin the process of preparing them for a life time of purpose and productivity.  It is to smile at their practice, to smile as they try, to smile at their mistakes and to know that given time, and a little effort that one day in the not too distant future their future is going to be vastly different.

Smiling at the future

smiles at the future


To smile at the future is to say to young people who have experienced the hard of life you can create a different story.  You are useful, you have a place, you have a purpose.

To smile at the future is to say to young people with disabilities you are welcome.  Your gift and your talent is of great worth to us.

To smile at the future is to say to young people we see what is on the inside of you, the potential that is dormant and we are going to sharpen and encourage that.

That we love the gift that time, coaching, training and money can bring to the life of another.

To smile at the future is to be filled with hope and to see what others cannot see.

That when the young un is  learning and making their mistakes that they have the potential and if they want to get really good at customer service it means finding courage to practice something they have never done or tried before.

It means smiling and knowing somewhere in the future there is a day and a  time that is waiting for that young un when they will reach that perfect goal and be able to deliver perfect 100% customer satisfaction.

To all our guests and clients thank you for smiling at the future with us.