I simply wanted to weep…

I didn’t think much about it…

We had planned to collect staff stories..

This year we celebrate 10 years at Tailrace Centre and there have been so many great moments celebrating this year but as I listened to staff stories, I simply wanted to weep.  I knew this was my moment of celebration.

I had no idea the impact Tailrace has had on staff lives.

It’s been this big experiment you see.

Taking young kids with little work experience and giving them work.

Giving kids who have some barriers to the work place a chance.

As I listened to their stories I wanted to weep.

I had no idea that staff came anxious, found support, nurture and a hope.

Many of them had found their life purpose and life careers through their work at Tailrace, through conversations and through being supported over time.

I remember one sweet girl so shy, anxious, timid.  It took her a year to learn how to be a party host and to be good at it.  There were so many times when we thought from a business viewpoint we have to let her go but we didn’t. Today she is a teacher, confident, bubbling with life.

This human impact story isn’t my story…  it is our story.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Thank you for your part in this story …

Every meal, every coffee has provided opportunity in a young person’s life…

Bringing your littles into Kids Paradise has given someone else’s little a chance…

Hosting your events at Tailrace function centre…you have given time and opportunity for youth to grow…

You have given hope, chance and time to our young.

It was Christmas Eve, two years ago and I was offering Sam,  who experiences Down Syndrome as a barrier to employment,  an opportunity for paid employment.  When I offered it to her she had to go to the toilet to have a tear.

We wouldn’t be able to do that without your support and help.

Thank you.

I am so grateful for your kindness, loyalty and support.

How can you continue to help over the next decade?

Australians will spend a $48 billion dollars on food, decorations, presents and drinks this Christmas.

$11 billion dollars will be spent on presents alone.

We are asking that you will consider giving to our village.

We are seeding a Work with no Barriers Program over the next decade.

Youth who experience the following barriers will be eligible to apply for our program:

  • Language and culture
  • Disabilities and health issues
  • Life barriers
  • Learning difficulties

Through our program we aim to give youth skills in front of house and cooking that will enable them to find employment.

Kickstarting the program:

To kickstart this program we are seeking $25,000 to help get it off the ground.

We would value any contribution that you are able to make to help kickstart this initiative. Every young person is worth investing into. People Matter!

You can donate at YouCaring ‘

or you can donate directly to:

Direct Deposits are to be paid into the Tailrace Centre Account:

Acc Name: NDCCInc

BSB: 067 003

Acc No: 1000 4274

It takes a village to raise a child…