She Is…


There are so many words that I love to use when describing my little girl.

My little girl is now 22 and I’m so proud of the woman she has become.

To me she is adorable, precious, gifted, talented, savvy, strong, resourceful, courageous, fierce, and I love her very much.

She will always be my little carried in my heart.


But I know that not every little person in this city has a momma…or a papa…

Not every little person has a momma who can find the words to build strength and vitality into her daughter.

Life has been hard and there has been stretch.

Instead of leaving a legacy of love and hope a parcel of pain is passed on.

It’s not the little girl’s fault.

The parcel of pain could have had my daughter’s name on it if she had been born to different arms in different circumstance.


I often wonder how does a little carrying a parcel of pain become familiar with words like:

She Is… strong, vibrant, courageous, kind, beloved, gifted, savvy, resourceful?

When the pain is great how do moments of child like playfulness enter into the heart and soothe the pain?


When can a little carrying an adult burden get to put that burden down and re enter child hood?


I never want the Enchanted Evening to reinforce our cultural messaging that girls are dumb and fragile, and need to be saved by beauty.

I  don’t want girls with a parcel of pain in their arms to think that a pout, or a batting of an eyelash will get them what they want.

But I do want them to hear for one night using creative and magical language that we know speaks to a  heart they are of great worth.

I want them to know there is a tribe of mothers who see their story.

Who want to ease the parcel of pain in their arms for just one night and give them a night of delight and wonder.

Where they can dance and sing, where they can have mother’s who paint their nails and show them how to use make up.

I want them to hear a story about kindness and courage and inner self care.

I want them to feel love, to taste love, to know that love exists and there is a tribe of mothers who believe in them.


So once again I’m asking for your help.

Our goal is to sponsor a 100 littles 

To achieve this goal I need the parent heart.  The heart that sees and wants to be kind.

I need 100 tickets at $20 sponsored.

You can donate on line:

Acc Name: NDCCInc

BSB: 067 003

Acc No: 1000 4274

Phone:   63274538 to make a phone payment.

If you have a little in your life who you know needs a night of magic and love will you let us know?

We would love to make sure they have a ticket.


Something New Just for our Sponsors

You are invited to our:

Thank you Event

Venue:  Tailrace Cafe

Date:  Saturday the 21st of April.

Grazing Table

Time:  11am

This is our treat.  This is our way of saying thank you for being a sponsor and having a big heart.

It’s also our way of communicating some of the behind scenes work that your sponsorship helps.



Thank you in advance for the way in which you love.  xxxx

Sharon O’Neill