Remember these beautiful names:

Jenny who was in grade 6 and didn’t  have any belief that she is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Her mother is involved in a lifestyle that brings harm and neglect to Jenny’s life. She often has to shower at other people’s homes because her shower is so full of stuff. The gift that Jenny was looking for was is the gift of belief.

Then there was Esther who had a brother who suffers from severe Autism. Her parents battle to handle her brother and every day is a series of exhausting moments. The result for Esther is that mum and dad have little time and energy for her. Esther spends so much time on her own and is learning at a very young age how to defend for herself in the world in which she lives. The gift that Esther sought was the gift of community.

Who could forget Louise  a grade 3 students with an eating disorder.

She has a name

On princes and princesses

She has a name

She has a name

Over the years there have been many girls with beautiful names who are struggling with the hard of life at a very early age.  Each of the girls have a name and written over their name are words like fearfully and wonderfully made, exquisite, a jewel, precious, destined, purposed, beloved, gifted, talented. We have opportunity to help shape their future so that they can live a life with these words enacted as opposed to other words guiding their life.

This is what the Enchanted Evening is all about –  championing the worth of our littles.

Over the years many of you have helped be a mum and a dad to girls with different names but similar issues. Precious girls of our city!  We want to say a big thank you for your love and care.

I burst into tears last night as I was telling my husband of how some of you gorgeous mums get together and not only buy tickets for your own girls but you purchase a ticket for other.  You look at the girls in your kids class and you see that they have a name but have been dealt a card in life that makes life hard and you buy them a ticket.  Often it is not just one ticket but many tickets.  You bless, and love and show kindness and goodness to these precious littles.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for your love and kindness and generosity.  Thank you for stopping for the One and thank you for seeing  She has a name.

She has a name