Sarah & Matt’s Engagement day was a day they will never forget.

There were so many moments where they were surprised by love.

The magical moment when Sarah’s eyes turned heavenward to stop the tears rolling as grandma made a surprise entrance.  Unexpected love all wrapped up in grandma’s delight, her smile and her hug.

Families gathered to celebrate.  There were tears of joy and love.  The earthy fabric of life celebrated.  A meal shared between family and friends.  A life celebrated and rejoiced over.

All afternoon friends, and family gathered to set up an afternoon’s celebration on the Willow lawn.

Echoing back to an era where hands and hearts would came together to love, family and friends giggled and laughed and worked together creating the most amazing garden party.

Late afternoon guests from all ages came to celebrate this couple’s love and life.

They say a picture says a thousand words and in this case we happen to agree.

I think the one thing Matt and Sarah were excited about was  the important people in their life came together to help them celebrate life and love.