Renovations @Tailrace


Renovations @Tailrace

As part of the Tailrace Centre 10 year Celebrations we will be undertaking some renovations.

Kitchen Renovation

For 10 years our chef’s have done an amazing job in a very small space.  The kitchen has punched well above it’s weight.

We will be expanding the kitchen out into the courtyard.

The big win for us is that the rubbish bins will find a new home – YES!

These renovations will commence the week of the 26th June and be concluded on the 5th of July.

Please note that the cafe and Kids Paradise will be closed during this time to assist the renovations.  Private bookings already made will be honored and will be catered for.  However, the kitchen won’t be truly operational until the 5th of July.

Kids Paradise Tweaking

We will be making some smaller changes within  Kids Paradise.  We will be expanding our creative play.  We belive this is critical for the development of children.

We want to help create some quieter spaces that allow families to connect with each other.

During the school holidays we will be trialling play workshops, and guided play in these new spaces.

We hope that this will enhance your Kids Paradise experience.

Please note that Kids Paradise will be closed from the 26th of June – 5th of July.

We apologise for any inconvenience but are very excited about these new developments.

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People Matter. This one value drives us at the Tailrace Centre. Every day we have the privilege of loving people. It is such a wonderful job and place to work because every day our main goal is to convey to people that they matter. No matter how small, how big, what shape, what style your event might be we want you to know that you matter. To help achieve this we have spend a lot of time planning, preparing, training our service staff and kitchen to deliver goods and services that will convey this basic value.

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