Real Wedding: Mary & Richard


“In your company, I find love that I have never felt in my life.”


Sacred words, words from the heart that found their way into being.

She waited…old friends from muso days…who found each other once again…

I’ll never forget the moment Mary in hushed notes, her cheeks a crimson blush whispered that she had had a hot date with an old friend.  I don’t think I have ever seen her so captivated.

Over the next few years we saw this beautiful love and friendship unfold. We held our breaths waiting to see if it would end in, “I Do!”


On October the 8th Mary & Richard got married with all of Mary’s favourite things.


Firstly there was the airplane of friends who travelled from that distant, small town called Sydney.   Noisy, rowdy they came! They ate, they laughed, they were riotous and full of fun.  All day we heard from Mary, “I can’t believe you’re all here…these are my best friends…”.  Which left me puzzled about who wasn’t a best friend.

Then there was Harry, the celebrant,  the good looking young pastor from Wynyard who also happened to be Mary’s favourite brother. (He is the only brother!)  What a beautiful moment created…a brother officiating at his sister’s wedding.

Mr Bruce Van Niekerk from Sydney definitely took out the accolade for best ever MC.  Despite learning a lot about Mary and Richard…things which would cause some of us to blush we heard the giggle, “Isn’t he the best…he’s such a bestie!”

Jam Plan the favourite band were at their amazing best, maybe because they were all old friends and everyone was relaxed. Who could forget that impromptu moment when Bride joined them in a rendition of Georgia on my Mind.  A moment created for Richard’s dad who and I quote, “Is my biggest fan!”  Old muso friends loving one another.

The most scrumptious cake was baked by  Richard’s sister, Lisa Hynes.  It just melted in your mouth. I was reminded of a time past when wedding cakes were created by hearts and hands of love by family members.

Old friends Julz and Matt Hooper created the most beautiful wooden table seating names which took your breath away.

I don’t think any of us will ever forget the speeches.  Both fathers left us having to find tissues to wipe our eyes.  So beautiful…and definitely besties… Richard’s speech to his bride is simply summed up in the quote:  “In your company, I find love that I have never felt in my life.”

But to be honest we could have all said the same thing.  That somehow this couple managed to make everyone feel as though they belong in their hearts and family.  This was a wedding abounding in love.

Thank you for having your wedding with us.

We love you.  xxx

Celebrant:  Pastor Harry Cuthbertson

Music:  Jam Plan

Reception and Ceremony Venue:  Tailrace Centre

Styling:  Tailrace Centre