Real Wedding: Jodi and Ren

Real Wedding: Jodi and Ren

Real Wedding: Jodi and Ren

I often think autumn is the real season of love. It seems to be when the trees dressed in their rich red and gold stand like sentinels announcing the bride and groom’s love to the world.

It was a glorious Autumn Day that Ren and Jodi chose to celebrate their love. Clinging to summer, with its fruity cocktails, finger food, live music and good company, Jodi and Ren laughed and giggled the day away.

There were lots of little touches that made the day reminiscent of long summer garden parties and elegant celebratory affairs where the day draws on and everyone is about in their finest attire. Red love hearts dotted the lawn, each one lovingly made by the wee hands of children in Jodi’s classroom.

Jodi’s beautiful boys walked her up the aisle where she and Ren expressed their heart written vows with lots of joy and merriment.

The rest of the day was simply danced away with love and laughter.

The Menu

Aranchini Balls with roast beetroot, mozzarella and bitter greens

Chicken, cheese and spinach aranchini balls.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Lamb Koftas

Tempura Prawn Skewers


We simply love Real Wedding: Jodi and Ren


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