Real Wedding:  Daniel and Chelsea

Every now and then you come across a couple who really know what a wedding is all about.  Their love story just touches your soul in such a way that you can’t help but jump up and down and clap your hands and go, “Oh my!”  “I just came across a real love story.”

Chelsea and Daniel’s real wedding was just like that.

Their Ceremony was at Holly Bank on the day that broke the drought and pushed Launceston’s rainfall for January into the most rainfall ever received.  The heavens simply parted and it bucketed down.  As we watched the rain fill the Tamar river, flood our car park, and close off the West Tamar Highway to traffic, our hearts and prayers were with Chelsea and Daniel.  We couldn’t help but wonder how they were coping with a very wet out door wedding ceremony.

The guests began to arrive – late – but with the most beautiful story …

Yes, it was wet!

Yes, they were cold!

Yes, they were glad to be in out of the weather.


“The ceremony was beautiful.”

“She is beautiful.”

“It was simply the best ceremony.”

“We so enjoyed watching them get married.”


“Indescribable the love they have for one another!”

Words that described how even the worst performance by mother nature cannot defeat  love.

When Daniel and Chelsea arrived her dress was wet and somewhat muddy but her face aglow.  Her opening words to me were, “I’m married to HIM – what could be better then that.  I am so so happy.”

Shirts were changed, socks were changed, the dress sponged and dried – a little.  But nothing could wipe away the love and adoration they both felt for each other.

Everyone found their joy, their devotion and their sparkle simply winsome and couldn’t help falling under their spell.

Half way through the evening our gorgeous bar person comes out and says, “This is the best wedding I have served.  Everyone is so happy, so lovely and so just entering into the wedding.  I am loving this wedding.”

As Daniel and Chelsea, family and friends danced the night away we watched allowing our hearts to be touched by this magical thing called love.

Daniel and Chelsea we wish you all the best in your marriage.  Thank you for touching our heart and soul.



Crispy Asian Duck Salad

Goats Cheese Tart with a caramelised onion and a blueberry compote.


Tasmanian Eye Fillet with swiss brown mushrooms, garlic aioli and red wine jus served with seasonal vegetables.

Herb Crusted Salmon with herb, parmesan and breadcrumbs with a saffron sauce.


Chelsea chose her Wedding Cake which was a beautiful chocolate mud cake.


In keeping with their love for nature Chelsea chose baby’s breath simply wooden centrepieces and candles for her styling.


Provided by our favourite DJ – DJ Dan