Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

Aish looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful red and gold sari.  Elegant, regal and beautiful.

Dan couldn’t stop smiling.

The day was punctuated with glorious colours.  Purple Sari’s, silver and gold glittering as guests wore traditional sari’s.   Whimsical children dressed up in pure white dropped rose petals down the aisle.

Dan and Aish were simply glowing with the delight that comes from knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

We met Aish’s brother earlier that morning as he was placing the place cards around the table and attributing gifts to people.  Jet lagged having only flown in from Canada the previous day he was excited, thrilled and so happy for his sister.

From the moment Aish walked down the aisle neither she nor Dan stopped smiling.  The ceremony was truly unique with both Daniel and Aish reading their vows in unison together.

Their wedding day included beautiful gestures to commemorate and celebrate their guests, including handmade soaps and candles flow in from Fiji, Aish’s home country.

They truly lavished in the love of friends and family, paying homage to them throughout the occasion.

Family and friends shared their hearts with Dan and Aish.   Loving them, and clearly delighting in their marriage.

Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

 Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish


Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish

Real Wedding: Daniel & AishStyling

Tailrace Centre

Aish chose Bollywood styling for her wedding.  Vibrant splashes of red, purple and gold.




Pre recption:

Lamb Koftas

Tempura Prawn

Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Mini toasted bruschetta with olive tapenade.


Entree:  Miso glazed Tasmanian white fish with sesame rice and spring onions

Kaffir lime and lemongrass chicken served with soba noodles and Asian salad

Thai Pumpkin Soup

Main:  Beer braised pork  on polenta with caramelised onion and steamed greens

Slow roasted Tasmanian lamb with roasted local tomatoes, shallots and herbs on house made gnocchi topped with steamed green beans

Baked stuffed Capsicums

Dessert:  Apple and Rhubarb Brûlée with cinnamon mascarpone

Vanilla panna cotta with Lindt chocolate dressing and crumbed praline

Music:  Jam Plan

Wines:  Leaning Church Vineyard

Thank you for your Real Wedding: Daniel & Aish.