Real Bride Real Wedding: Paige & Haydn

This romantic spring wedding of Paige and Haydn, was filled with laughter, excitement, some tears and some nerves.

Waiting for the arrival of his childhood sweetheart Haydn was a ball of nerves.  He so wanted this day to delight his sweetheart. I will never forget that moment when they are signing the registry and she exclaims with delight, “So do you love my dress.”  It was adorably endearing.

I remember watching the warmheartedness of this family when they arrived at Glebe Gardens.  Kim, Paige’s mother hopped out the car and you could just see the love pouring from her face.   She simply wanted the best for her little who in her heart would always be that whimsical child.  Heartwarming scenes of hugs and kisses, heartfelt wishes, a proud dad walking his daughter to a boy he had known for 11 years.

Bridesmaids who genuinely loved and adored their girlfriend and groomsmen who served and loved dream.

If you thought that scene heartwarmingly adorable, wait until you hear the vows.

“Today I give myself to you in marriage.  I choose you above all others to spend the rest of my life with.”  Haydn

“I know that there is nowhere I would rather be right now, than standing here, declaring to you in front of our family and friends, that I will love and support you forever.”    Paige

There was more beautiful words from the heart memorised and spoken out loud to each other.

It was beautiful.

The rest of the night was celebrated with a shared banquet, dancing, photo booths and lots of cake.


Ceremony Venue:  Glebe Gardens

Reception Venue:  Tailrace Centre

Menu Chosen:  Head Chef Kelvin Bowers:   Shared Banquet

Love lettering and Photo Booth:  Little Black Booth.

Music:  Agent 99






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