Real Bride Real Wedding:  Emily and Josh Langley

Its not every day we get to do a Geek Out Wedding.

It was packed with so much fun, love and friendship.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this crazy fun wonderful wedding with Emily and Josh Langley.

Emily and Josh were the next door neighbours who fell in love.   Walking through some pretty dark times they found each other and in that space love bloomed. Every time we met to work through the details of their wedding we saw how deeply they loved each other and their respective families.

Even though I knew the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader were arriving to accompany the bridal party down the aisle I felt like a kid when I saw them.  I wanted to pinch myself and go is this for real.  I loved watching guests turn up in all sorts of costumes and attire.  Each one loving Josh and Emily’s geeky wedding.  As each family and friend turned up we got to see love expressed in joy, in dress ups, in costume.

Guests from Kids Paradise were in awe of this amazing party that they were seeing unfold in the foyer.  Many a child stopping, startled to find Darth Vadar and guests.

From the moment the ceremony began the surprises and delights began.  Both Emily and Josh had planned surprises that meant something to the other.  From the outset the wedding was just filled with giggles.  The vows filled with geek moments were also filled with words from the heart.

After the ceremony the storm troopers swung into action issuing guests with movie tickets for the reception.  The movie tickets directed guests to their themed table, complete with masks and popcorn favours.

The love and the laughter continued through the night with the throwing of the garter and the bridal dance.  The cake was ingenious.

You can catch glimpses of Emily and Josh’s wedding at their You Tube site:

Discover our Ceremony

Discover what its like the morning after a wedding

Emily and Josh thank you for sharing your day with us.

We loved every minute of it.

We know the styling might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it was so you and we loved your brave in being you. But not only did we love the brave we loved how you loved your family, your friends and each other.

Have a great married life.