A community of women came together to celebrate Rachael and her upcoming wedding with a beautiful Bridal Shower.

On Sunday afternoon we got the opportunity to bless Rachael with a beautiful event. Rachael does all the marketing for us here at Tailrace and we loved seeing women of all ages come together to celebrate her and shower her with gifts and advice.

In a season of Covid we loved that we could come together and throw a celebration, especially for a couple who had already missed out on other celebrations due to Covid. Rachael and her fiancee, Caleb, got engaged at the end of March, two days before the first stages of lockdown was announced. With their wedding day being the 30th of October, they decided to forgo having an engagement party. We chatted with Rach about her experience with getting engaged during Covid.

What was it like to get engaged and plan a wedding during Covid?

“Getting engaged during Covid was tricky,  and there were times where I felt a bit disappointed by the season. It was hard not being able to see people, get given celebratory hugs and have those moments with people in person where they gush over the ring and ask you how it all happened. However, we did love being the bringers of good news and the few people we were able to tell in person had such joyous reactions.

When it comes to planning, it was hard to get the ball rolling with planning because of all the uncertainty during the initial lockdown. Places were temporarily closed and office hours got reduced. We weren’t allowed to do onsite visits for the first couple of months and it would take time to get a response from people. This felt particularly stressful as we planned to get married in October, which meant we’d only have a 7 month engagement. By the time the wedding dress stores re-opened I had a week to pick my dress if I wanted to order it in.

It felt like there was this big lull of nothing then a real pressure to make a lot of decisions all at once. With everything changing so often it got a bit overwhelming, but we decided to just pick our date and trust things would be better by October. Thankfully things did improve in Tassie and while we can’t have any of our interstate guests, we will still be able to celebrate with all of our Tasmanian ones.”

What were the pros/cons of forgoing the engagement party?

“In some ways forgoing the engagement party has been a bit of a relief. Less things to plan and it means we could allocate more money to our actual wedding. But on the other hand, our engagement felt a little underwhelming. We were entering into this really exciting season, but because of lockdown we couldn’t see really see anyone outside of our immediate family, we couldn’t get celebratory hugs and it just felt a little flat. It definitely made me appreciate engagement parties and the purpose behind them. It’s so important to take the time to celebrate people and milestones and to make seasons feel really exciting and special. I think going forward I will be a lot more conscious of how I celebrate others and be much more aware of all the little things brides appreciate.”

Tell us about the Bridal Shower.

“The Bridal Shower was very exciting for me. It was the first time our engagement was celebrated by a community of people. We played some games, chatted, and I opened a mountain of beautiful gifts. My bridesmaids had helped make a beautiful flower wall and my mum mixed together the most delicious fruit punches. My mum and Caleb’s mum planned the whole thing, so I didn’t have to do a thing! It was so nice to be able to just turn up enjoy myself.

Caleb and I were overwhelmed by all the love we were shown and the gifts we were given. So many women came and gave me the gift of their presence and I found it really special to be able to look around the room and see so many people who support us and who want Caleb and I to succeed as a couple. I loved every moment of the party and it just felt really special.”

You’ve talked about a community of women, what does that mean for you?

“Community has always been a massive part of mine and Caleb’s lives. We have both grown up in churches with strong senses of community, so it was really lovely to see women from both Caleb’s church and my church coming together to celebrate us. There were of course friends and family who attended, but I felt incredibly blessed to be a part of this wider community of people. I loved that there were people from multiple generations who were able to give me wisdom and advice. Such an incredible feeling to be a part of something like that.”

Bridal Showers At Tailrace

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