Planning a Your Perfect Wedding Can Feel Hard. Especially When it Comes to Budgeting.

There are so many choices and decisions to make that wedding planning can feel really overwhelming. Earlier in the week, we went on our Instagram (@tailracecentreweddings) to ask you what you find most difficult about the planning process and one of the big difficulties was putting together a realistic wedding budget.

Putting Your Budget Together…

Okay so budgeting is hard. You want to just say yes to all your dreams but the reality is you will have to compromise on some of them. I think one of the hardest parts of putting a realistic budget together is working out what the realistic costs for everything will be. Personally, I’ve found it really hard because it takes so much time and energy to get a realistic picture. A couple of weeks can pass by the time you get quotes to compare on just one item.

Here are our tips on putting a budget together:

1. Work out what is most important to you and your partner.

This could be the venue, the food, having lots of guests, photos, honeymoon, music, flowers, styling, etc. Working out what is important to you will help you priorities your budget.

Do a rough budget by writing down how much you would like to spend on each of the key items. This budget is not set in stone yet, but helps you prioritise.

2. Work out how many guests you want.

Different families have different expectations with guests. Some might expect the entire extended family to be invited. Others might not. Put together a rough list of all the people you want at your wedding. This will help you choose a venue as will know if it fits your size and can also help you choose what type of catering you want based on your numbers.

The reality is the more people, the more expensive your wedding will be. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can compromise.

3. Choose your venue & catering. 

Book your venue & catering first! I cannot stress this enough. Once you’ve made decisions about these two things, figuring out the rest of your budget will be so much easier. Different venues have different inclusions and these can dramatically effect your budget. At Tailrace we make things simple by providing essential things like catering, tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and styling. But not all venues do this and it something that you need to consider.

4. Ask for prices 

Ask vendors for quotes. I know this can be time consuming but you can’t get a good picture of what your realistic spend is without this. You can also ask friends or relatives who have recently got married to indicate if your quotes are high or if that is what’s to be expected.

5. Evaluate & Put it together 

Now that you know your prices you’ve got to evaluate if there is anything you have to change to reduce the price, or if you’re happy with everything as it is. Do you best to stick to this budget, but know that you may have to compromise on some things.


Don’t stress. You’ve got this. Your dream wedding is within reach. 

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Written by Rachael O’Neill