24 Days until the wonder and beauty of Christmas reveals itself.

The season that centres around that most amazing miracle of miracles  – when heaven came to earth.

A holy night.

The simple baby born in a manger.

The joyful chorus of shepherds who saw and believed that something magical had happened.

The rapture of a sky filled with the sound of angels dancing because God was loving humanity in human form.

Present over perfect

Perfect over present

Present over perfectI love this season.

I love putting up the Christmas tree.

I loved tasting my daughters decadent truffles and her beautiful raspberry tartlets.

I love the tremble of little hands and feet beneath the Christmas tree.

I love the boisterous chaos of littles at a Christmas service.

The anticipation and wonder of advent.

I love the table.  I love its festivity.

I love the people that sit around it.

I love holding hands and whispering a prayer of thanks.

I love the laughter, the joy, and the delicious delight of simply being with people I love.

Perfect over present


Present over perfect

present over perfect

Present over perfect

But there are a whole heap of things in December that I don’t do.

I don’t do Perfect over Present.

I won’t allow perfection to sing its song.

It is so easy to miss the loveliness of the season because of its sound.

The perfectly wrapped gift…

The perfectly baked cookies…

The perfect Christmas event…

The perfect Christmas card…

The perfect pinterest decorations…

The perfect friend who catches up with everyone…

The perfect…

perfect over present

Present over perfect

Perfection steals my delight…

My wonder…

My peace…

It comes with a call to overspend…

To overeat, overindulge and overcommit.

It makes demands on my  body to become stressed and chaotic as it pursues the perfect Christmas.

The call for more…

Present over perfect

Present over perfect

Present over perfectAs I get older I am trying to choose Present over Perfect.

To choose to be present in the midst of Advent’s gentle whisper.


The season of resting, of waiting, of anticipating, of yearning, of acknowledging that the baby is coming but it’s not here yet.

The season that gives me permission to acknowledge that some of what I desire in life hasn’t arrived yet.

That Hope is on its way.

Present over perfect

Present over perfect


Present over perfectI’m choosing to enjoy the chaos of excited kids, accidents and trembling lips.

I’m choosing to do less so that I can enjoy the season more.

I’m choosing to enjoy hands held tight around the Christmas table, whispered prayers of thanks and closeness of hearts.

I’m choosing to allow my soul to get lost in the midst of music that celebrates the Holy Night.

I’m choosing to allow the Saviour that was born to be present in my heart and spirit.

I’m choosing the beauty of present over perfect.

I am choosing love.

This is the secret that I have found in the practice of Present over Perfect –

Love doesn’t need perfection to sing its song – just presence.

May we present to one another this Christmas season and let Love Abound and do the work that it needs to do.