Present over Perfect in 2016

New Years always brings with it a need for new resolutions, new goals, new bucket lists.  Our voracious appetite to have everything in life now –  kicks in.

But I wonder what would happen if we took the resolutions we had already made and cherished them more…

If we were more present to what we already had in our heart and life.

Like the resolution to love our partner or the resolution to be a parent or the resolution to be a friend.

I wonder what our year would be like if we were present to those resolutions a little more?

Let's be there in 2016



Present over perfect in 2016



I think that if we made the resolution to cherish a little deeper we would focus on being more present then having the perfect life.

To be present as the joyful times, the messy times, the hard and the peaceful of 2016 unfold.  What an amazing gift to give to those in your life.  To be present.

To be present at the table.  Hands passing bowls, knives and forks clinking against plates, bread being torn, laughter as stories old and new are weaved, the glow of candles burning down, the connection of hearts.  What an amazing way to spend 2016!

To be present in creating memories.  Who wants to build a big bank balance or have the best abs when you could be spending time at the Gorge giggling and laughing with littles. When you have to make toast with vegemite because you spent too long at the beach and the shops are closed. Your sunburnt, sandy, the kids are falling asleep on you from the sun but your heart is filled with joy because you had the best day loving one another.

Be present not perfect in 2016


Present over perfect

Present over perfect in 2016

Present over perfect

Present over perfect
I wonder what would happen in 2016 if we simply logged minutes with people’s hearts.

One day our families and friends won’t be the way we know it and all we will have are memories.

I think winning the lottery in 2016 is taking every chance we have to log minutes with the hearts of those I love dearly.

This year I want to steal moments with my husband…long walks on the beach.

I want to steal and create memories around the table with my kids…laughing, giggling, listening to their stories as they do life.  I want to pass big bowls of food around, I want to hear the knives and forks clink and I want to pour out love like a good wine being poured at the dinner table.

I want to steal moments with friends…listening and doing life with their heart.  Being present in the midst of whatever season they are in in 2016.

I don’t want to make any new resolutions this year.  I simply want to log minutes with the ones that I have already made.

I want my 2016 crammed full with memories of love, conversations, stories, meals, flowers, notes of gratitude and long walks on the beach.

I want more then anything to make God belly laugh glad that he gave life to someone who loves it!

Present over perfect in 2016