Advice on How to Plan Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Planning a Wedding during the Coronavirus is tricky. There is a lot of uncertainty and the Government keeps updating their recommendations, so it feels like there is a lot of waiting around for clear answers.

Everyone is doing their best to follow the advice of the Australian Department of Health but each organisation still has their own measures and procedures.

At this stage the government has banned non-essential indoor gatherings of people of 100 and over. So, your event is likely safe to go ahead for now. However, this may change as the virus continues. So be aware that you may need to postpone the event.

Here is some advice and steps you can take.

Stay up to date with offical recommendations:

This one is pretty obvious. Make sure you are aware of what the government and the Australian Department of Health are recommending. Don’t go to your mates facebook page for news, make sure you are getting accurate information.

Check in with Vendors:

Check with all your vendors and suppliers and see what their responses and procedures are. This means your florists, your make-up artists, the caterers and other suppliers. See what their response is and go from there. At this stage, we’re moving forward with all our events within the gatherings limit. However, we will be adjusting how we serve food to ensure it is kept as clean as possible. We are also providing more hand sanitisers and taking other precautions.

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Adjust the Seating Plan:

Creating space is a great way to reduce contact between people. You could change your seating plan to create more room at each table. At Tailrace we would recommend 7 people per round table and 6 people per trestle. We’re also happy to move our weddings into a large room if possible to ensure your guests are not in close contact with one another.

Keep in contact with your guests:

This may be as simple as starting a Facebook group or email chain with your wedding guests so that you can keep them up to date with your wedding. They will want to know if things are going ahead. If you have not sent out invites yet, it might be good to set up a Facebook page with a save the date so guests can keep the date in mind without you fully committing. 

Check in with at risk guests:

Check in with the grandparents and other at risk people to see how they feel about attending your wedding. They may choose to not attend. To help them feel included you could set up a livestream for your wedding ceremony and for the speeches so they are able to see all the important bits. You could also save them a piece of wedding cake and get it delivered to them the following day. This will make them feel like their presence was missed.

Change your honeymoon plans:

This one might be a bit disappointing but international travel is a nightmare at the moment, so instead you should look at finding a domestic honeymoon destination.

Finding a place that you can drive to may be the safest option as you have more control over this.

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Have a more intimate wedding

If you’re in the early stages. Consider planning a smaller wedding with your absolute closest friends and family. This could also be a great money saver. You could always put the saved money towards a second honeymoon in the future.

Focus on each other:

You probably feel quite disheartened at the moment. Like the virus has sapped the fun and excitement out of your wedding. But remember, you’ve found the love of your life and the Coronavirus isn’t going to change that. Your wedding may look a bit different to what you imagined but the wedding doesn’t make the marriage. Have fun with it and be flexible. 

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