Advice on Parenthood and Coronavirus

When we are considering parenthood and coronavirus we need to look at what will sustain parenthood over the next 6 months.

Parenthood is very different to parenting.  We often think they are the same thing.  But they are not.

Parenting is about your baby where as parenthood is about you.


Parenting involves your focus being on the baby or the child.

Parenthood involves focus being on your role as a mum and or a dad.


Parenting is about learning your baby’s signals.

Parenthood is about learning my own signals and my partner signals.


Parenting  asks questions about “What does the baby need to be happy and healthy?”

Parenthood asks, “What do I need to be happy and healthy and what will make my partner healthy and happy?”


Parenting is about changing nappies

Parenthood is about changing lives


When we consider the next six months we need to look at what will help you sustain parenthood.


Isolation for extended periods of time will not sustain parenthood.

We all need support for parenthood.

There are a lot of transitions going on in your world.

It is possible to practice social distancing and social connection at the same time.

Whether it be Baby Sensory or Toddler Sensory or just hanging out with friends in the cafe, we would ask that you consider how to sustain healthy parenthood within the mix of everything going on.

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