The Half Way Mark!

The Half Way Mark

July I often think causes us to reflect and evaluate.  It’s where the past and the future intersect.  The Half Way Mark!

The Half Way Mark to goals and hopes, vision and purpose.

In amongst all the “business” discussions I am aware of faces and hearts that we have had the privilege of touching that go to the heart of Tailrace.

It is true that pain, the hard of life recedes when we carry it together.

One of the beautiful things about Tailrace is that it often brings together those doing it hard with those who have capacity to help release the pressure points of hard.

  • I will never forget the smile of a little, a heartfelt thanks for helping mummy solve her car issues.  The privilege of being able to help purchase a car allowing the hard of life to recede as the burden and the struggle was carried by other.
  • The homeless who were provided with work in a busy season.
  • The many hands that have cooked extra meals that have helped families in times of need.
  • The couples that have needed time, the space to reconnect, to say I love you without the busy of littles, to know that their marriage matters and is important and worth protecting.
  • The school holiday sponsorship program for mums trying to break through the hard of their life and needing a little help along the way.
  • The women in India who are now able to start their own business due to some education sponsorship.
  • The children in India who receive an education as a result of caring mums who put aside a little stamp here and there and make a difference to the life of the little.
  • The families in Syria who are being sponsored through our Syria Sponsorship partnership with World Vision.
  • The 200 + volunteers who have given of their time, love and energy at events for children saying:  “We see you, we are glad you are alive and in our life.”
  • The countless hours as people have helped restore homes, and move people from one home to another.
  • The children who receive sponsorship for parties, events and play.
  • The families who receive sponsored family passes.
  • The new inflatable purchased by the kindness of others.
  • People volunteering to serve for causes they believe in but can’t afford to give to.
  • The mentoring of littles in our local schools.
  • The Shine program that brings identity and hope to young uns.

Some not for profit businesses measure the dollars they give away, the numbers they help but at Tailrace this is so hard because Tailrace is a living community and is diverse in how it extends kindness.

I can’t keep up nor can I measure the kindness that I see abounding and I’m not sure that I want to.

I’m not sure that I want to streamline kindness just so that we can join the clamour of businesses boasting of numbers and financial dollars given.  I think there is something beautiful in the hidden, the organic, the spontaneous outflow of kindness.  Where people just see one another and choose to stop for one another.


To all of you who have donated time treasure and talent to bring kindness to people’s lives in this first half of 2016 thank you.  The Half Way Mark for 2016 is characterised for me by kindness.

Thank you for sharing the Tailrace dream of building and championing a community that is kind to other.













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