Our Top Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sure we are all starting to wonder what we will buy mum.

Here are our top Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother’s who are helplessly addicted to passing on love.  You know the mums I mean.  Those mums who love to know their gift is also blessing another heart and soul somewhere on planet earth.

  1.  Date Night Voucher.  Every girl loves to have a night off from cooking and looking after children.  Every meal gives you a coffee bean voucher which sends love on its way to the cause of your choice.

2.  All Day breakfast at Tailrace Cafe.  A meal and a coffee bean and love is on its way…

3.  Lunch Voucher for mums who love gathering at the table and watch love fly…

4.  Sapling Candles.   Not only are they beautiful candles, but they make beautiful planters when the candle has all gone. 100% of the profits help mothers in South Asia.

5.  Family Pass Vouchers.  Every mum needs to have an answer to, “What can we do?”


There you have it our Top 5 Gifts for the mum who simply can’t help passing it on.

But Wait there is MORE…

Unconquered Project

We are helping Empower build a Sanitary Pad Factory in South Asia.

On 28th April we will be holding an Unconquered Online Auction with proceeds going towards the Unconquered Project.

Some great Mother’s Day gifts that will send Love on its Way to this project:

Items currently on the Auction list include:

  • Soul Retreat valued at $750
  • Bespoke rug and cushion
  • Sapling Candle valued at $50
  • Indian/Nepalese Dinner for 10 with the multi cultural team at Tailrace Centre
  • Mirablue water bottles
  • Bamboo Tea tools by Enjo
  • Shea Butter Lip Balm by Airborne
  • Airborne Essentials
  • Greens Balance Tea by Airborne
  • A beautiful fur coat
  • Water colour by Kate O’Neill

Like the Unconquered Facebook Page to be part of the Live Auction and to see new and upcoming gifts.