Our purchasing power is great!

With our wallet we have the power to change another person’s life.

We have the power to give someone an opportunity, a hand up and a chance to skill up.

Jacob is part of our Work with No Barrier Program and is sharing is story with gratitude.  Your purchasing power has given him an opportunity.

What a love for life Jacob has.

Jacob loves to explore the imaginary, the creative and always wants to be exploring new ways to create. If you want something and can’t find it, he is thinking of how to make it happen.

Jacob loves being part of the Cosplay world, playing music.

He came to the Tailrace Working With No Barriers programme to help him learn how to engage and find his place in a world of the employed.

Since Joining the team Jacob has learnt many skills that have helped him to meet challenges head on. He loves the support he  gets from his manager Kat and the team in the Café.

One of the wonderful things he has learnt is his limitations and how to share this with others.

This can seem like a small step but it is a huge step towards acquiring the skills needed for employment.

Thank you for supporting Tailrace Cafe. Thank you for helping us give back to our local community.

Our purchasing power is great!

Our purchasing power is great