Our Cafe is Changing…

Change never threatens what is timeless, change simply highlights what is timeless.

Covid has been a defining moment for us.

A moment for us to see what is timeless and to define where we really want to spend our energy.

Over the past 25 years we have spent a lot of time championing young people, developing pathways of care and concern and we know love has more to do.

There are those moments when you remember the child whose smile sparkled in kindergarten, who tumbled and giggled with joy.  Who would run out to greet mum or dad shirt untucked, socks down around the ankles, hair all mussed up and the dirtiest knees you could imagine.  I remember those moments of incandescent joy and my heart weeps because he or she is no longer with us.

Broken by mental health, lost and broken by life they are gone.

Leaving hearts weeping and wondering, “How can this be?”

Minds murmuring a timeless truth, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“No one should feel the need to take their own life.”

Apart from the reality of young people lost, broken and dying we want young people to know their past doesn’t define their future.

We want young people to know they are not an interruption but an appointment.

Our hearts have been drawn to the timeless truth nothing matters except to love one another.

Tailrace Cafe will become a cafe which champions a timeless truth, a truth which even COVID can’t stop,

“Youth matter and Love is the most powerful force on earth”.

Every time you Buy a Meal, Donate or Volunteer we will be creating appointments of love.  Appointments which will change a young person’s life.

Income generated will go to supporting:

  • Sport Chaplaincy
  • School Mentoring
  • Employment
  • Workplace Training
  • Youth Group
  • Breakfast Club

Change and crisis never threaten what is timeless they simply highlight what is timeless.

Love will always be timeless.

The worth of our young people will always be timeless.

Together we can do more…

We have a little more to do before we can open.

But you don’t have to wait to begin sending love on its way.

We can begin to make a difference today.

You can’t buy a cup of coffee or a meal at the moment but you can donate and send love on its way.