She has a name…

Jenny is in grade 6 and does not have any belief that she is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Her mother is involved in a lifestyle that brings harm and neglect to Jenny’s life. She often has to shower at other people’s homes because her shower is so full of stuff. The gift that Jenny seeks is the gift of belief. Through the Enchanted Evening we can help empower Jenny to begin to unwrap the thought that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Esther has a brother who suffers from severe Autism. Her parents battle to handle her brother and every day is a series of exhausting moments. The result for Esther is that mum and dad have little time and energy for her. Esther spends so much time on her own and is learning at a very young age how to defend for herself in the world in which she lives. The gift that Esther seeks is the gift of community. That within Launceston there are men and women who value her, who care for her, who want to love her, to see her protected, her childhood protected, who believe in her, who want to be there for her. Together we can communicate to Esther that she is not alone.

shutterstock_148873166Belinda is new to her school and is struggling to make friendships. She is overwhelmed and struggling with the whole change. Girlfriends are often made around the fun, the sparkle, the wonderful moments of life. The Enchanted Evening is an evening of fun, of imagination, of love, of kindness, and there is so much sparkle. Together we can help facilitate friendships for Belinda.


Lisa is in grade 1 and often comes to school dirty and smelly. She struggles at school with numeracy and literacy as her mind is coping with so many other things in her life. Her hygiene isolates her from friends and leaves her lonely. We can send love on its way to Lisa by becoming a fairy godmother to Lisa for a night and helping her prepare for her first experience as a princess.

shutterstock_154293158Kimberley is a grade 5 student and whose life consists of visits from social services. She is one of 7 children, is struggling to believe that she is loveable. Her frustration, her loneliness, her captivity to her family situation means that she often lashes out against her peers making friendships very difficult. She never gets to go anywhere where she can escape the reality and bondage of her situation. We want to issue a royal invitation to Kimberley so that for one night she can experience some sparkle and bling.
Simone is very shy and timed. Self belief, giftedness, talent is all bound up because of timidity. We can set Simone free by speaking words of belief into her soul.
Joanne does not live with her parents due to a life style of drugs. She now lives with her grandparents. Her grandparents are old and don’t take her anywhere. Her life is lacking of colour, vibrancy, vision, hope, opportunity. For one night we can offer the opportunity for Joanne to see the world in a different shade of love.
Louise is a grade 3 students who has an eating disorder. At 8 years of age Louise feels she has no control over her world and resorts to finding control through an eating disorder. She is monitored every lunch time to make sure she eats. She is a lovely kid just struggling to believe that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, purposed and destined.
Each of these precious girls live in our city. Each of the girls have a name and written over their name are words like fearfully and wonderfully made, exquisite, a jewel, precious, destined, purposed, beloved, gifted, talented. We have opportunity to help shape their future so that they can live a life with these words enacted as opposed to other words guiding their life.
Will you be one of the mothers or fathers of this city who will send love on its way to one of these precious girls?
Would you donate their entry ticket to the Enchanted Evening?
Would you donate petrol to the royal carriage that will bring them to

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the evening?

Would you donate funds that can help purchase an item of clothing that is fresh and new?
There is something very powerful that get’s communicated when people love.
You can donate at the Tailrace Centre. The Tailrace Centre is a not for profit organisation. Please note names have been altered to protect the self esteem and identity of the girls. Together we can choose to love these precious girls…She has a name.