My Beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.”

Song of Songs 2:10

At Christmas I got given a pair of TOMS sunglasses. I remember holding the package in my hands and going wow I love the packaging. But it wasn’t only the packaging that I enjoyed. I loved the actual gift – the sunglasses.

marriage is the gift


I love my sunglasses. I love pulling them out of their little cotton case. I love putting them on and I love wearing them even on days when maybe there isn’t enough sun. In the past I have been known to lose sunnies like they were going out of fashion.  But there is no way I’m going to lose these babes. I’m treasuring this gift.


marriage is the gift

marriage is the gift

For me a wedding is like TOMS packaging. It creates beautiful memories.

But marriage is the gift.

Marriage is the gift we are left with when all the wrapping is taken away.

It’s the decision of taking the gift and creating our own love story.

It is when we listen and memory make with each other.

When I look the other person in the eye and make intentional connected time.

It is when I put on the heels and the perfume and he puts on the clean shirt. It is when we go for bike rides or savour time over food and wine. It is when we hold hands and talk, talk, talk, talk.

marriage is the gift


marriage is the gift

Sometimes it is hard to treasure the gift.

It would be so easy to let life convince us that we are running a small business together rather than creating a living love story.

It’s the time, the effort, the pushing ourselves out the door to connect, to remind ourselves that we’re living a love story – that is how we truly enjoy and receive the gift.

So on this bleak and wintry day can we encourage you to do something today for the one you love.  Enjoy the gift.   Remind each other that you are living and creating your love story.

Tailrace Marriage Builders:

1.  Date Night.  The last Friday of every month we hold a Date Night.  It costs $40 per person and you get a 3 course meal, 2 choices.  We also provide free of charge child care in Kids Paradise.  This provides you with a great way of building your love story whilst we look after the child care.

2.  Prepare and Enrich.  We have offer couple profiling.  Computer generated this profile provides couples with an overall assessment of your relationships skills, explores your strength and growth areas. It is done with trained and qualified staff.  Comments from couples who have done this include, “We found it so helpful.  To understand our families of origin and how this impacted us and our relationship was beneficial.”