Let Yourself Be Inspired By These Breathtaking Magnolia Blossoms!

As winter comes to a close, the streets of Launceston erupt into shades of pink and white as the magnolia trees begin to bloom. Their soft, sweet scent trickles into the air, promising spring and sunshine. It’s impossible not to be inspired by the beauty of magnolia tree’s and when my own tree began to bloom I just had to cut some stems for a table styling.

I try to do a wide range of wedding stylings to show you that you can have whatever style you want here at Tailrace. ⁠
I love all the looks I create, but not all of them are my own personal style. ⁠
It’s like when you admire a dress on another person, thinking it’s beautiful on them, but knowing you would never wear that dress because it is just not you. ⁠
This week’s styling is all me. Soft, pink and with lot’s of stunning flowers.
⁠In fact, I was so in love with the magnolias that I couldn’t resist doing two different (although very similar) stylings with them!

Styling One | Magnolias & Blossoms… 

For this look I wanted height. I wanted the magnolia’s to stand tall and for the twists and turns of their branches to arch over the table. I also wanted to use the pink napkins I had purchased from Kmart (we can always source blush napkins for you, check out our styling packages).

Unfortunately, the pink of the napkins didn’t look quite right with the magnolias on their own. Luckily, we have a gorgeous blossom tree that’s just beginning to bloom. Dusty pink blossom buds and white blossoms completed the colour palette, tying the colours together perfectly.

*To see the blush napkins styled with blossoms, make sure you check out our Dream of Spring Styled Shoot! 

I added a white linen table runner and pillar candles in glass vases to complete the look.

Take a look at the images below.

Magnolia Tips! 

Magnolias are quite delicate and bruise easily. They don’t last for many days once cut, so cut them as late as possible. It is best to cut magnolias while they are still closed, but just beginning to open. Once they are cut they will continue to open. They even slowly opened up during the shoot. You will probably notice the difference in the photos.

Handle the magnolias carefully and try to keep them in the shade once cut.

For more tips on how to cut and handle magnolia blossoms click here.

Styling Two | White Magnolia 

When planning the styling I was torn about whether to put the magnolias in vases or to lay them flat on the table. In the end I decided to do both styles. I kept the white runner and the pillar candles on the table, but removed the blossoms and flower vases. I then laid the magnolias flat along the table. Without the blossoms, I had to swap the pink napkins for white ones. I love the way this lets the magnolias and candles stand out against the white backdrop.

I think this styling looks so effortless and is so timeless. You can never go wrong with styling your wedding with candles and in-season flowers and foliage. Styling doesn’t have to be complicated.

Take a look at the photo’s below:

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Shot, Styled & Written by Rachael O’Neill 

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