When one is in love; love can be shared through the twinkle of the eyes, the glow of a smile and the warmth of a hug, or touch.  When you’re in love you just can’t contain it, you simply have to share it.

There is a story behind every great love – love stories move, touch and inspire beautiful design.  I love watching brides prepare for their day.  Their love story is so powerful that they can’t help but pour it into creating beautiful design.  Each wedding design is different but always communicates the love a bride has for her groom.

Samantha Bell married the love of her life Gavin Nutting at the weekend and her story was a story of pretty, ethereal romance.  A love story that contains softness and hope and the touch of the whimsical.  You couldn’t help but look at the room and go “Oh my that’s so pretty.”  

Being in Love
Sam began her whimsical whisper of  being in love with a magical archway!


Being love
Sam’s story of love rebounded back to her with a surprise and delight gift from her beautiful daughter . Little did she know that her daughter Ebony added her own magic by getting her mum and dad a bride and groom teddy.   Our hearts just sigh when love overflows.


Love is a state of wonderment, innocence and delight and Sam allowed all those elements to flow through the use of soft blue flower petals, floating candles and flowers.


Being in Love
The ethereal effect Sam created with her wedding was breathtaking.  We loved the fairy lights, floating candles, the colour combination of blue and silver.  Hope mingled in the design


Being in Love
We love it when mother nature shows up in a design.  There is nothing like a bridal tear drop flower arrangement to whisper “I am in LOVE”


Samantha thank you for sharing your heart with us.  It was a beautiful ethereal design that you created.  We wish you and Gavin all the best for your future.

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