Love your heart Alana

Last week was Alana’s birthday and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say:   “We love your heart Alana.”

Alana has been an employee since we opened the Tailrace Centre – 8 years going on for 9.

In that time I have come to deeply love and appreciate this woman.

There are lots of amazing things about this woman but perhaps the thing I love the most is her consistency of love for people.

It's a Wrap - Enchanted Evening

It's a Wrap - Enchanted Evening

It's a Wrap - Enchanted Evening

Thousands of children have been loved by Alana.  She has a gift with kids and especially with under 5’s.  No one get a child to sleep like she can.  No one else can calm a child like she does.  It is no wonder kids refer to Tailrace as “La La’s house.”  “Are we going to La La’s house today?” is what mums tell us their kids ask.  Week in week out for nearly 9 years she has simply loved the “littles”.

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

I have seen children who have been unsettled settle.  I have seen children struggling to face fears about the world in which they live all of a sudden become confident and trying new things.  She is a gift and we love watching her gift in action.

mums high tea


Love is in the air!

I love her heart.  There are many times when I know she is dog tired or has her own energy depleted by her own depletion vampires but she will still choose to turn up with a smile on her face, a bubble in her heart and peace in her body.  She will simply choose to pour out love to others.  She will serve, she will love, she will go the extra mile.

I love working with her.  She is a team player.  She fills in gaps when other team members are down, flagging or struggling.  She simply steps in and either lends a hand or fills the spot.  She does team and vision so well.

Real Wedding: David and Alana Barker.
Real Weddings: David and Alana Barker

D+A wedding-236
I love her faith.  You don’t do 9 years in the type of team we have without having to show grace, forgiveness and a deep love to one another.  One of the core values of our teams is doing life together in realness and authenticity.  That means doing love at a deep level with one another.    I love this woman because she practically puts into practice her faith.  

Tailrace wouldn’t be what it is without you La La.

Thank you for your love.  We are so glad God thought you up!  Happy Belated Birthday.  xxx

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People Matter. This one value drives us at the Tailrace Centre. Every day we have the privilege of loving people. It is such a wonderful job and place to work because every day our main goal is to convey to people that they matter. No matter how small, how big, what shape, what style your event might be we want you to know that you matter. To help achieve this we have spend a lot of time planning, preparing, training our service staff and kitchen to deliver goods and services that will convey this basic value.

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