Ceremonies – Love is patient…

“You know if you keep eating that muffin, you’re going to get fat”

These were the first words Pete uttered to his future wife, Angel, after three months of building up the courage to speak to her. Three and a half years later, sitting together as husband and wife, Angel and Pete take the time to chat with me about love, marriage and life together; and there’s not a single muffin in sight.

Once engaged, Angel and Pete regularly met up with their Pastor, Andrew Corbett, from Legana Christian Church. “He took the time to walk us through the whole process and help us to understand exactly what we were getting ourselves into.” explained Pete. “It made it more real, and we started asking the right questions, and fully understanding what a marriage is. Even stuff like how to set up joint accounts, and where do we see ourselves in five years. Things we wouldn’t have thought about, he guided us through it all.”

It’s clear when you start talking to this couple that their engagement was less wedding preparation, and more marriage preparation. “I remember Andrew telling me, ‘It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look on the day, or what the dress looks like, or if everything goes to plan. All that really matters is the commitment you make to each other.’” said Angel.

What I love about Angel and Pete is how respectful they are to each other. They listen to each other, they don’t interrupt each other, talk over the top of each other, or belittle each other in any way. They are so completely content and relaxed around each other, and not afraid to be real. “I love that Pete is humble and that he’s honest. He respects himself and it shows.” Angel said when I asked what they love most about each other. “I love that I don’t have to act around her, I can just be myself” said Pete. “We just love doing life together. It’s the little things, like being able to go to sleep together in the same bed, and wake up with each other. After three and a half years of dating it’s so nice to finally be able to do that.” added Angel.

Yep, that’s right. Three and a half years of dating, and Angel and Pete never spent a night together. I asked them what it was like living out such a counter cultural lifestyle in today’s society. They look at each other and shrug. It’s obvious that for them it was something they both wanted, and so they just made it work.

“The wedding is important, but marriage is most important,’ added Pete.

At The Tailrace Centre, we believe that getting married takes more than a day. If you would like to meet with one of our mentors to guide you and your fiancé through your engagement, email us to arrange an appointment.











Written by Emily Murray.  Room Styling Tailrace Centre.  Table Styling PWS Events.  Photography:  Meghann Maguire