What is your Love Language?  It helps if we know what our love language is and the love language of those who love us.  For people to hear that they are loved often requires us to speak their love language.

Words of Affirmation:

Actions do not always speak louder than words.  If your love language is words then hearing the words, “ I love you”, will make your soul soar.  You will love written words, thank you notes, letters of encouragement. You will love hearing words of encouragement.  Your soul will crumple if you hear harsh words and undue criticism.


Love languages
Words of affirmation

Quality of Time:

Nothing says I love you more then giving full, undivided attention.  Being there for someone with this love language means putting down the knife and fork, looking them in the eye and really being present.  Distractions, missed appointments and postponed appointments will be extremely painful.


Love language
The language of time

Receiving Gifts:

People with this love language love the  thoughtfulness and effort behind a gift.  The perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, and cared for and so worth the sacrifice that the gift represents.  A missed birthday, anniversary or hasty thoughtless gifts can be incredibly hurtful.

Love Language

Acts of Service

For some people vacuuming the floor can be an act of love.  If your partner has this love language then vacuuming, cleaning and washing the dishes will speak volumes.  The words they want to hear are, “Let me do that for you.”  Laziness, broken commitments and making more work for them tells your partner that their feelings don’t matter at all.

Love Language
Acts of service

Physical Touch

Someone with this language is very touchy.  Hugs, pats on the shoulder, slight touches can all be ways of expressing love, care, and concern.  It is important to be physically present and accessible.  This language is not all about the bedroom.

love languages
The language of Time

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