Let’s Provide Housing for Young People

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Let’s Provide Housing for Young People

One home at a time.

One life at a time.


Together we can change a life one donation, one gift at a time.


Youth homelessness makes me feel uncomfortable.


It breaks my heart when I snuggle up in my bed of a night time knowing there are young people couch surfing or sleeping rough.  It’s not only sleep which is impacted.


We have tried a couple of times to offer work to homeless youth and it hasn’t worked simply because we couldn’t solve their lack of housing.  It’s hard to think about work, to show up emotionally and mentally for work when you don’t have a home. 


Yet, I believe love is the most transformational currency we have on the planet at the moment.  It can change lives, situations and the trajectory of a person’s life.


Love is practical, always relevant and always begins with the one.


This week is Homelessness Week 1st – 7th of August and we are asking you to donate to help us raise some funds to provide a home, a unit for youth struggling to find a home.

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People Matter. This one value drives us at the Tailrace Centre. Every day we have the privilege of loving people. It is such a wonderful job and place to work because every day our main goal is to convey to people that they matter. No matter how small, how big, what shape, what style your event might be we want you to know that you matter. To help achieve this we have spend a lot of time planning, preparing, training our service staff and kitchen to deliver goods and services that will convey this basic value.

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