Real Wedding: Lauren and James Stewart

We  fell in love with James and Lauren’s wedding.  They created moments of exquisite delight for their guest through simplicity.  It was all the home touches that made James and Lauren’s wedding exquisitely delightful.

The wedding cake was amazing.  Lauren’s dad had cut and varnished a beautiful piece of Tasmanian hard wood.  Onto this platter was placed layers of cheese.  The bottom layer was a King Island Smoked Cheddar, followed by a beautiful Lactose Red, followed by a Wicked Camembert, followed by a Westhaven hard cheese,  and a King Island limited double brie.  The final layer of cheese was divine and smelt like a Port wash brine but we have to  check with the bride and groom on the specific type of cheese. Garnished with figs, pears and grapes it was divine.  After the cake was cut guests could come with their cheese knife and biscuit and cut off a beautiful piece of cheese to enjoy.


We fell in love with the Wedding Cake.
We fell in love with the Wedding Cake.

One of the delights of the wedding affair was the Trail mix.  Guests could gather nuts, dried fruits and some lollies in beautiful brown paper bags.

Laura's trail mix
Laura’s trail mix


We loved the bonbonniere toffee apples.  Chef Phil Piper made the toffee apples using a really light layer of toffee with a tinge of pink.  These were then wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful message of love from the bride and groom.  Simple, fun, quirky and finished off the reception style Laura tried to create.

Bonbonniere toffee apples
Bonbonniere toffee apples


We love quirky love
We love quirky love – all ready to go on our carts




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