Holiday Program

Holiday Program

Holidays are just around the corner and we are crazy busy planning for the Holiday Program. We so hope to see your child at our program.

Special Offer:  These school holidays we have a Buy One Spot Get One Spot Free.

$45 per day and $22.50 per half day.

$135 per week

Ages 5 – 12 years.

Bookings are required.




Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What time can I drop my child off?

You can drop your children off from 8:30am or make a private arrangement for an earlier time.

What time can I pick them up?

You can pick them up when it suits you.  Staff will be present until 6pm.

What do I do about food?

You can pack them their own lunch or you can purchase lunch for them.  It is  $10 per child and includes morning tea and lunch.

Afternoon tea always consists of kids eating the food they make in their afternoon cooking class.  So even if you send food please don’t send afternoon tea because they will get to eat something.

How does the Buy 1 Get 1 Free work?

Well you can either Buy 1 spot for your child and have another spot for free or you can have one spot and then have a friend come and take up the extra spot.


Some Feedback from our Regular Users:

“We love sending our son to the Holiday Program, because of the team. They are devoted to the kids and obviously aren’t just doing it for the money!”

“Every school holidays I ask my son where he wants to go for vacation care, and every time he says Kids Paradise”

“My son always comes home each day from the program, remembering the story and eager to tell us!”


How did your child feel that they mattered?  How did your child feel like they belonged?

This last school holiday we asked parents this question and this was their answer.

“My child felt engaged, included and happy.”

“They let amazing, like they belonged.”

” They always looked forward to coming because they felt looked after, welcome and a part of the group.”

“The staff are friendly, and encouraging and really listen.  They felt very comfortable with staff.”

Staff often check to see if they were okay and remembered their names.”

“Making Gluten Free cooking easy.”


Why do parents bring their kids to our school holiday program?

“We love the variety and structure of the program.  The group structure is great.”

“Values that are taught and the care my kids receive.”

“The staff know our names.  They’re excellent.  Everyone was wonderful.”

“The program is organised and the staff are great to deal with.”

“The kids just seem to love it.”

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holiday program
school holiday program
School Holiday Program

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