Yes it’s the name of our brand new cafe!!!

We are so grateful for COVID because COVID has revealed our heart.

Now we are inviting you to reveal your heart and join us in creating change with our young people.


Jude had a beautiful young friend who didn’t make it, who simply couldn’t see beyond the darkness.

Jude was just shattered and he had such an ache in his heart.  He just wanted to scream, “It shouldn’t have happened.  I loved you!”

He knew coming out of this pain he wanted to do more than like or share a media post.  He desperately wanted to make a difference.

But he simply didn’t know how until he came across a cafe who was already working with youth.

There he discovered with every meal he bought,  every donation he made and every volunteer moment he gave a young person’s life was being impacted positively.

He realised he could make a difference!


Only Action Becomes Love!


As Jude looks at his action he sees love happening.  He  sees young people discovering who they are, their value and their future.  He see’s he’s part of the change.


This is our story, the story of Jude’s cafe.


It’s the story of so many of our staff


Staff who have been lost, broken and considering death.

Staff who have friends who are lost, broken and considering death.


This story isn’t just our story.  We know it belongs to you.


You are a Jude?


Your life has already been touched by someone who didn’t make it.

Like us, I know your heart beats when you read the statistics.

Fact 1.

1 in 4 young Australian’s struggle with mental ill-health.

Source:  Australian Bureau of Statistics

Fact 2

1 in 10 young people aged 12-17 years old will self-harm.

1 in 13 will seriously consider a suicide attempt.

1 in 40 will attempt suicide.

Fact 3.

75% of Mental Health problems will occur before the age of 25

Source:  Beyond Blue


Only Action Becomes Love


Are you someone who wants to Buy a Meal, Donate and Volunteer knowing with each action a young person’s life is being impacted?

If we can mobilize the Jude’s of this city we know we can change this epidemic of lostness, brokenness and death surrounding our young people.

The Jude Projects Include:

  • Friday Night Youth Group
  • Breakfast Club
  • Sports Chaplaincy
  • School Mentoring
  • Work Experience with our Taster, Entrée and Main course training packs.
  • Employment

Each project impacting in places which matter to young people.

Covid has canceled our ability to meet in the cafe but it hasn’t canceled love.

Today you can make love happen by taking action.

Thank you for donating.  xxx



Jude is historically known as the patron saint of those who feel they are a lost cause.

It’s nice to think there are lots of Judes who watch over our young.


We want to thank Brad Cullen for the design of our logo and branding.  (We all think he’s a saint and are extremely grateful for his help.)

You can find Brad at Cullen Marketing