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Join our Lovin’ Community.  Life gets busy and sometimes its hard to find the time to truly love the ones we want to love.  When my kids were teenagers we often took them out for a meal simply so that we could have quality time together.  The television, homework, the social tweeting all compete for time and sometimes it can feel like we are only loving in sound bytes.

We just want to encourage you to join our Lovin’ Community as together we are trying to encourage one another to not do sound byte love.

How can we go deeper to go further with each other?

We are doing it by encouraging our families to meet around the table – like the Long Table Feast in Honor of Dads.  We slow down, share our lives, eat some food together and somehow in the process our heart as well as our stomach is nourished.

Another way is through our spiritual community that meets on Sundays at 11am.

Another way in which we are trying to go deeper in love is by raising our children in a big tribe.   We are trying to connect kids not just with our tribe but with other tribes, other families, other kids.

Some of the ways in which you can access a tribe at Tailrace is through our:

What can we do to love You so that your love can go deeper?

Let us look after your kids on Date Night.  Take some time out without the hassle of kids and let your love go deeper so that you can go further.

Join our Lovin’ Community.


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People Matter. This one value drives us at the Tailrace Centre. Every day we have the privilege of loving people. It is such a wonderful job and place to work because every day our main goal is to convey to people that they matter. No matter how small, how big, what shape, what style your event might be we want you to know that you matter. To help achieve this we have spend a lot of time planning, preparing, training our service staff and kitchen to deliver goods and services that will convey this basic value.

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