Jenn’s Autumn Bridal Shower!

The Tailrace Centre was abuzz with excitement.

Kids were dancing and chattering like monkeys.

Busting to help!

Friends gathered to help cut, plate and style food and rooms.

Other friends helped with entertainment for the kids.

Husbands poked their heads in the door wanting to know what they could do to help.

The place was abuzz with love and excitement.

You could feel the delight, the anticipation, the wonder.

One of our favourite volunteers was having her Bridal Shower.

All of us had our happy feet on.

Grandma’s came and hugged and gave their rich blessing.

Younger women came and entered into the joy.

Littles danced and asked if her dress was going to be like Meghan’s.

I love the gift of love.

Our hearts become entwined, bigger, richer.

Thank you Jenn for letting us share your moment.

You let us  jump up and down, clap our hands with delight and share your journey.

Thank you for letting us be close to your heart.

Now for the wedding…there’s still a bit to prepare.

Jenn chose a simple Grazing Table.

Photography courtesy of Shirley Bliss