Our Impact

At the Tailrace Centre we are committed to building strong communities.

When communities are healthy people come alive.

Paying it Forward

Jude’s Cafe.

Too Many Young People Are Lost, Broken And Dying.

At Jude’s we are establishing pathways where people just like you can help provide programs, support, and challenge culture so youth will not miss out on the life they deserve.

Many of you have had your heart impacted by the death or brokenness of a young person.  “It just shouldn’t be like this!”  We get it. Our heart is the same.

The problems can seem overwhelming, and at times you can feel powerless and disempowered.  But together we can make a difference.

Every time you eat a mealdonate or volunteer with one of our youth pathways we impact a young person’s life.


The Tailrace Centre operates a CAP DEBT Centre. This service is free to the local community. Our CAP team visit families in homes and provide a holistic approach to helping people become debt free.

Let me tell you some amazing facts about the first year of this service:

  • 5  families are on their way to being DEBT FREE
  • 2 families have become DEBT FREE
  • 7 families about to sign their way to being DEBT FREE
  • 10 support workers have been recruited and trained
  • 20 volunteers recruited to assist with home care
  • Partnered with 6 organisations to bring freedom to families

All of this with only 1 staff member who volunteered 2 days a week to get this service off the ground.

Bringing Empowerment Through Sanitary Pads

Almost 250 million girls and women in India cannot afford hygienic sanitary products, nor are they aware or educated around menstruation. The Unconquered Project empowers local women to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads and to provide menstrual education – by women, for women.

With two sanitary pad manufacturing units established, led by local women who will manufacture, market and sell the quality but affordably priced products we hope over time to establish more units.